Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

GENIUS is having a range of solar flooded tubular mono bloc batteries designed to offer reliable, consistent and low maintenance power for renewable energy requirements. These batteries can be subject to deep cycle applications and minimum maintenance in rural and power deficit areas. The batteries have a capacity to withstand partial state of charge (PSOC) operation. These batteries are available in 12 Volts from 40Ah to 200 Ah @ C10 at 27 DegreeCel.

These solar batteries have been developed keeping in mind the various parameters to India.

GENIUS solar batteries keeping in mind the increased awareness and public spending in the field of new and renewable energy for applications in household lighting, street lighting and in rural and urban cellular telecom installations. Increased government incentives and subsidies will, in the next couple years, lead to increased spending by governmental agencies in the new and renewable energy.

Our batteries are designed to give long life in cyclic operations and extremely long intervals in topping up and even total freedom from maintenance. Our batteries can be adapted to use auto- fill systems and air agitation systems for faster charging and avoidance of acid stratification in standby cells.

While, our batteries are tested and certified by CPRI, GENIUS enhanced the life of our solar batteries, reduce topping up, etc.


  • Similar to the tubular battery offerings, only difference being their capacity to withstand partial
  • Deep discharged batteries (up to 80%)
  • Specially designed for rural and high power outage areas
  • Consistent power output & high back-up
  • Minimum Maintenance

Battery Model Capacity in Ah @ C10 Weight in Kg (+/-5%) Length in mm Width in mm Height in mm
GFT40 40 23 410 175 260
GFT60 60 26 410 175 260
GFT80 80 40 512 210 265
GFT100 100 50 517 275 265
GFT120 120 55 517 275 265
GTT100 100 53 503 188 425
GTT120 120 58 503 188 425
GTT150 150 63 503 188 425
GTT180 180 65 503 188 425
GTT200 200 70 503 188 425
GTT240 240 73 503 188 425